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Survival By Design: Murray West

When did the infamous and often sought after 'fifteen minutes of fame' become the longest most fruitful fifteen minutes to some, but the most annoying and mind-numbing fifteen minutes to others?  Some traditionalists may puff out their chests and squawk that it was when rock-solid values were broken-down and challenged in this age of circus antics and self-promoted head-swelling.  However, some modernists and iconoclasts might clap-back that it's those questionable values, with their shaky foundations of hypocrisy and prejudice, that were bound to break and must be challenged for the skepticism and outrage they create.  Well I say, how we get our information is often fueled by an absentminded fast-pace that it may seem talent takes a backseat to, but where in fact it actually has to just coexist with on a quick-moving stage that craves something favorable in everyone be they talented or talentless.

It's usually at this point that I investigate those fifteen minutes.  Is it hype, are they truly talented, is it a passionate drive, cry for attention or money-based motivation?  I often see skeptical infamy more than talent, however when I actually do see the promise of talent, I stamp it to watch and remember.  Talent makes the people want to see those fifteen minutes turn into a lifelong story.  Enter Jerell West of Murray West.  Murray West is a modern menswear line that takes the spirit of American sportswear and merges it with global signifiers that the cosmopolitan male connects with such as luxury, versatility, streetwear, art and culture to create thought-out clothing with a voice.  

What struck me as interesting upon seeing this collection from Murray West was that it adhered to an interesting element of the current direction in menswear that serves as a distinct departure from 90s minimalism and new millenium basics-building.  The rise of individuality on social and global fronts has of course created fashion for the trendhumpers & hypebeasts, but has also seen a growing return to non-confirmative fashion choices from individuals who want to step free of the status quo.  This is what I find intriguing about about Mr. West's clothing.  It is balanced without being boring and appropriately design-savvy without being questionably over-the-top.  This collection shows an eye for communicable form, plausible ideas and clean craftsmanship that are all commendable. It's exhibits a thinking seasoned mind from a 24 year old whose drive and mentoring from NY-based Creative Director Mykel C. Smith has amassed him a growing following for the menswear legacy he's been building since winning a fashion contest at his high school years back.  

This Murray West collection is not complicated, its well-communicated.  The color blocking is fresh & exciting and the individual pieces create lively pairings, but also have strength on their own for integrating with one's already existing wardrobe.  That is the modernity key, the forward trifecta if you will.  That each piece works together for a cohesive collection but still has the potential to stand alone through clean relatable color, strong identifiable shapes and quaint edgy details is what sets Mr. West up as a designer to watch with a growing following.  So it would appear that Mr. West's talent, passion and rise with Murray West can't be contained into a mere fifteen minutes.  May the traditionalists and modernists both rejoice.    

Creative Direction- Mykel C .Smith 
Photography- Joshua Scott
Grooming- Rashida Bolden 
Models- Charlie James - Fusion Management 
        Angel - Best Boy Management 

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