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'Tis The Seasonings: WuJu Hot Sauce

How many times did you utter 'Season's Greetings' during the past holidays?  Perhaps none or perhaps like me your holidays were unlike none before, but you somehow managed to persevere with grace, resilience and strength.  How did you do it, if you did?  Well, I did it by fixating on maintaining my peace and, oddly enough, relying on a different labeling of 'season'.  Cold weather, trying times and the holidays are akin to comfort foods as good seasonings are akin to great meals.

Think of it as a precursor or a necessary finisher, but a nice hot sauce can be that one addition that livens up a bland meal.  What's interesting about hot sauces is that the only real ingredients that are musts are some form of pepper and vinegar.  Everything else is open to interpretation.  Thankfully, I recently had the pleasure of discovering Wuju Hot Sauce and  I am so into their interpretation.

Going vegan in 2017 has introduced me to the imperative need for great seasonings and fresh grown ingredients.  For this reason alone I was impressed with Wuju Hot Sauce.  There's no unreadable ingredients on their label and the presence of mango, turmeric, habanero, orange juice, cumin and mustard seed are all ingredients that I have cooked with since going vegan.  So with that, I considered Wuju to be a welcomed continuation of my culinary celebration. 

In a world of GMOs and over-processed foods it's refreshing to know the nothing need be man-made to be flavorful and lively.  Wuju Hot Sauce has a sweet undertone with the presence of its island flavors that when combined with the earthy turmeric, smoky cumin and heat of the mustard seed, chili powder, black pepper and habanero create a profile that explodes onto every area of the tongue and makes sure your dish comes alive.  Created by Lawrence Wu, WuJu Hot Sauce exists in a world flooded with hot sauces as a hot sauce with explosively verdant balanced flavor, a nice level of fresh heat and what's bound to be a nice compliment to everything from island inspired dishes to barbecue to Indian dishes.  Wuju Hot Sauce is available now in regular and extra hot varieties at the website here and at  So it seems that season's greetings can become a year-round culinary thing.

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