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Comfortable In Their Own Skin: Wonderful® Halos

Grab and go!  Such is the course of metropolitan life today.  "I don't have time", "Please, I'm in a rush" and "No thanks, gotta get to my spin class at six" are plausible utterances.   Ordering online or even working from home seem to speak to a culture that has no time or space to enjoy what it should  and it's contagious from work to the gym to dinner reservations to home.  Many of us have become creatures of convenience and purveyors of being punctual.  That frenetic energy and pace to keep up trickles down even further to the quick blurbs of the news we read, the duality of the clothes we wear and the compactness of the foods we eat.  

I literally plan my days so concisely at times that I have no time to eat.  Then when one takes into consideration the crazy commute, either by car or subway, tumblers, Tupperware, microwaveable and ready-to-go become catchwords that give feelings of satisfaction to our otherwise hectic days.  Being vegan, I have a bevy of containers for packing my fruit and veggies for my commuting moves.  However,  I always dig options that come with their own natural and protective packaging.  

Halos by Wonderful® are compact California mandarins that are sweet, seedless, delicious and handy sidekicks for your day.  Non-GMO verified, Halos are are easy to just pop in your jacket pocket, briefcase or gym bag for a nice dose of Vitamin C juiciness in the refreshing form of an easy to peel orange.  What's also great about them is that a bit of citrus helps in food digestion and completing your daily antioxidant needs. Homegrown and affordable, one 5 pound bag goes a long way which is perfect time-saving excuse to avoid constant trips to the market.  What's more is that at the end of a long day, when muddled into your shaker, they make a hell of a bump to a good cognac.  Halos are available now at your local produce markets.  

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