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Goodness, In The Bag: Sneakz™ Organic

There used to be a joke that if you rifled through a woman's bag you'd discover almost everything about her life.  It seems today the joke has fallen on us guys.  When I think about what goes into my bag on the daily one could probably tell that I have a special diet, am a tad vain, into fashion and somewhat of a a germaphobe.  Here's something to notice the next time you're in the gym locker room.  Spy the contents of a guy's gym bag which nowadays as lives become more multifaceted have become spaces for clothing quick changes, hygiene shelves on-the-go and pre/post dietary rituals.  While the lives of many men are less involved than many women, there are some common things you'll find in the bags many men tote.  Akin to makeup and a wallet in a purse, you'll most likely find sneakers and a protein drink in a man's gym bag.
We're told on the daily that we don't ingest enough of this or are lacking the nutrients of that.  Then we're told that we shouldn't have this type of food now to that type of food then and all in all it gets so mind-numbing.  Sometimes what we stuff into our bags need a little help, a bit of tweaking and some tailoring to our personal lives.  I used to be a big protein shake guy following my workouts but after I realized some drawbacks to excessive protein I scaled back on my intake.  Then after going vegan last year I realized that had to be mindful of what foods & labels I stuffed in my bag.  It's then that I realized that it wasn't about large amounts of supplemental products with a high number of bulking ingredients but rather about the balance of a key diet and a little boost to accompany my active uptown to downtown lifestyle.
So when I discovered Sneakz™ Organic earlier this year I liked the power of its simplicity.  Sneakz is an easy to digest dietary powdered supplement that can be used as a great beneficial post-gym protein powder but is also so much more. In addition to offering 14 grams of protein per serving, Sneakz also has probiotics and has a healthy blend of organic vegetables like beets, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes and peas.  This makes it not only a great supplement for post workouts but also for other meals of your day like lunch smoothies or breakfast pancakes.  What's more is that not only does it taste good without that artificial faux sugary taste but it also mixes well with water if you're still at the gym and need the nutrients right away or with any kind of milk like soy, coconut, almond and (yes even cow's milk) when at home.  
I've been on a mission to simplify my life so products like Sneakz speaks to just that.  The strawberry is great to enhance my berry smoothies, the vanilla is a nice sweet neutral base for my acai bowls and the chocolate is my favorite for just mixing with water following a workout.  It's a two-fold nutritional product that could create order to just about anyone's bag.  

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