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Nut Resolution: Wonderful® Pistachios and Almonds

Are you the New Year's resolution type?  I ask since it's a good month now into 2018 and I'm always curious to see who is still enduring and who's caved earlier than anticipated.  Perhaps you couldn't wrap your head around having that gym membership card scanned more than having that Pinkberry card swiped.  Maybe there's more to be said that a happier you resides more in those new distressed jeans than your money does residing in your savings account.  That effort to quit smoking may have created a greater effort to not balloon up from the copious amounts of chocolate squares that have replaced the tobacco cylinders on your lips.  The point is the rise and fall of the collective energies from wrestling with the early year's nervous ticks, mindsets, mantras and goals to overcome are what give some of us the momentous apathy come one month or eleven months in.

Well I drink, don't smoke, I shop wiser than I did before and I exercise several times a week so I'm used to the voice in my head that says stop and go.  Then while it was never a resolution to stop but more of a behavior to figure out, I've always wondered about my peculiar snacking fixations.  I remember my dealings with Rice Krispie treats, Sour Power straws and Linden Butter Cookies but none has been more memorable and appropriately edifying as my dance with pistachios.  Often is the evening when after work I would saunter into the drug store and grab a bag filled with light green wonderful.

How appropriate that moniker!  Wonderful is my go-to company for pistachios.  Roasted and salted to perfection and satisfyingly filling, Wonderful® Pistachios have long-served as that snack fix of mine that's been ideal for that salty craving and toasty nutty crunch.  I could brainlessly eat a bag in four patented movements of grab, crack, pop, toss.  How comforting to find out about the benefits of that pop being a possible reduction in heart disease, 25g of protein per cup and good sources of Vitamin B6 & manganese.  So just when I thought Wonderful couldn't make their Roasted & Salted Pistachios any better, enter Sweet Chili and Salt & Pepper flavors.  With their Sweet Chili flavor, joining the salty earthy pop of the pistachio is a dash of spicy and a harmonious balance of sweet.  The pepper in Wonderful's Salt & Pepper flavor adds a great level of warmly-seasoned depth to create a perfect yin-yang pairing with the salt.  

Then for my crisp crunchy fix Wonderful had the delicious audacity to now offer up Wonderful® Roasted & Salted Almonds.  These have been just as amazing a snack to munch on for that toasty, fibrous and sharp nutty fix not to mention 30g pf protein per cup.  Wonderful also satisfies my hopelessly on-the-go hustle by offering up packaging of their pistachios and almonds in sizes that can fit neatly and discreetly into jacket pockets, gym bags and briefcases.  The goodness of Wonderful® Pistachios and Wonderful® Almonds are also offered up raw for when a recipe calls for you to do the roasting, sautéing or smoking.  Wonderful Pistachios products are available now at many locations and for one near you head on over to and head here to for almond locations.  With so many options and convenient ways to carry them, I guess when you choose a name like Wonderful, you kind of have to mean it. 

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