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Seize The Moment: Stella Rosa Imperiale Black Lux

Are you into the market or the moment?  Have you subscribed to the whole notion of there being a day set aside to profess your love to your significant other as just another moment to show your affection or just another day to make candy-makers and flower stores profitable?  I've always been one to be moved by the moment and not give in to the marketing ploy of the day.  Like much of the monotonous fixations in popular culture after a while we tend to get bored with, ignore and completely forget things due to overexposure.  I get it, it's Valentine's Day but blow their mind with those quaint tokens of affection on a random Tuesday in April if for no other reason than that it's  some quirk in the day made you remember the incredible chemistry you share with your boo.  Make moments make the marketing seem trite.  

I for one can appreciate a good first moment.  Like the first time you realize what they do that drives you wild, the first time you experienced another culture that you feel a kismet attraction to or the very first taste of a delicacy that lands on your palette but burns into your psyche.  I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing Stella Rosa Imperiale Black Lux.  Sometimes you want a sip of something heavier than juice but not as heavy as tannin-rich wines or deep spirits and Black Lux finds a deliciously semi-sweet balance by being a low alcohol grape wine sparkling specialty.  Delicate and smooth, the flavors of blueberry raspberry and red grape have a dessert wine quality without the cloying weight of being one.  It has the effervescence of a champagne without the frothy bite that can sometimes produce a stinging tang.  Stella Rosa Imperiale Black Lux definitely makes a moment better perhaps by heightening the sweetness of the kiss that lips share or accompanying a perfect work day's end with saccharine satisfaction.  

Crafted by the the heralded Riboli Family of the San Antonio Winery, who've been conjuring up superb wines since 1917, Stella Rosa Imperiale Black Lux is the latest member of their Luxury Collection.  The romantic, sleek and decadent bottle makes sense to compliment this welcomed and palette-pleasing new sparkling addition for Stella Rosa.  In creating a moment it's good to have every element involved exist at a memorable level of wonderful.  So in this instance Black Lux makes simple marketing into the momentous. 

Stella Rosa Imperiale Black Lux is available at the San Antonio Winery website and at your finer wine, spirit and alcohol stores.

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