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The Scented Unwind: Scented Little Moments

I'm guessing that one would normally want to recall the scents along their commute to work as one with warm baked bread in the air, inhalations of fresh double-roasts wafting about and fresh new-day dewdrops dancing under their noses.  Some of us are not that fortunate and have to deal with straphanging pits in our faces, dank stale air on subway platforms and the wafting funk of forgotten litter spoiling our coffee & breakfast aromas leaving us to retreat to the crooks of our arms for olfactory relief.  Lunchtime can usher in a bevy of new odors as the high noon sun bakes what the morning breeze couldn't extinguish.  On our ways home the melted workday often commingles with the notions of other defrosted folks to create a longing for the sanctity and solitude of the oases known as our homes.  

My personal 'personal space' is very attuned to scents and nasal harmony.  My personal fortresses of solitude is an extension of my personal space.  This is why in addition to drinking my day away with the perfectly garnished spirit, enjoying a comfort dish of vegan home-cooked loveliness, I also frequently chase away to scented nightmares of my day with the inviting pleasantry of aromatherapy.  My latest affair finds me into Scented Little Moments, a home fragrance brand that focuses on candles and relaxation items to help the weary and worn achieve nostril nirvana.  Founded in 2016, the brand started in Dallas, TX as a hobby among friends but has since grown into a passion for using natural ingredients in the unique blending of key notes like lime & ginger or pineapple & sugar to create moments in the form of scented candles that help one relax, release and recharge.  

Valentine's Day is a day, a moment, a blip on the radar of life's many moments that one can celebrate or need to unwind from.  Whether it's from the clean clothesline fresh appeal of Sundried Linens, the citrusy sweetness of Lemon Lavender, the saccharine natural tenderness of Milk & Honey or the calming sumptuous warmth of Love Me A Bit Longer, Scented Little Moments appropriately lives up to its namesake.  After all, when done right, your scented little moments add memorability to life's great moments.

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