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Peace Of Mind, Just Encased: Catalyst Cases

As someone who always prides himself on dotting his i's and crossing his t's, I unfortunately do find myself caught out there sometimes.  When frazzled, I sometimes come undone and forget the checks and balances that makes my life easier as opposed to harder.  For example, just this weekend I was frantically searching around the check-out counter at the grocery thinking I had lost my wallet only to realize that my over-efficiency caused me to pack it into my grocery bag along with my okra and avocados.  For that brief moment I had that fear that many of us do.  What if I lost my wallet?  Others include, 'What do I do if I misplace my keys outside of home?' and the dreaded 'What happens if my phone becomes incapacitated?'    

The last one tends to freak us out a lot as many of us can & do pay, search, talk, schedule, capture and escape with the aid of our phones nowadays.  Protection for those rectangular-shaped digital extensions of our lives go far beyond the "Find My Phone" feature.  I, like many, couldn't bare for my phone to descend to the floor and become reminiscent of a cracked dry river bed just as much as I don't think I could bare with my phone flatlining after being mistakenly submerged in water.  So as the Spring/Summer seasons roll back around for many of us and our days may find us at the pool or beach with the need to capture our lives and keep our digital besties in tow, we need protection.  Sunblock for me and the amazing protection of Catalyst cases for my iPhone.

Catalyst offers up two great cases for your iPhone that I find to be so handy and a very protective wardrobe for my  'significant other'.  The Catalyst Impact Protection Case is drop proof for up to 9.9 feet while keeping your iPhone light and manageable.  The impact truss system inside is specially formulated to handle bumps and jostles while protecting the glassy-beauty of your iPhone.  This is perfect if you are accident-prone or just have the tendency to juggle more things than your iPhone in your hands at once.  Then the Catalyst Waterproof Case is just like a spraying your phone with Scotchguard™.  This case fits your phone snugly to protect it from not only the daily unfortunate bumps and bruises but also protects your iPhone in up 33 feet of water with an air tight encasing that leaves it still sensitive enough to allow you to utilize your phone as though there were no case on it at all.  I tested it out myself (see my video above) and not one drop of water got inside the case and I was still able to use all the features of my phone while my hands were still submerged with it.

We kind of have to be fussy about the things in our life that make our lives easier.  However, we don't want to be continually fussy about them.  We kind of want a 'set it and forget it' mentally for our device's protection.  Catalyst Cases offer that peace of mind without making your iPhone resemble a VCR or boom box.  Peace of mind!  A welcome nowadays so you can focus on other things, like where you left your glasses or where you misplaced your Metrocard.

The Catalyst Impact Resistant Case and The Catalyst Waterproof Case are both available now at their website

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