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Sailing Nicely On the Half-Seas: Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails

Not that you should, but, if only for a time, you may want to hang up the heavy cocktails that kept you warm and toasty during the winter in lieu of some refreshing Spring effervescence.  Something bubbly, crisp and refreshing sounds like the ticket on a mild Spring day.  Make it more personal by being portable and you've got a handy seasonal winner to pop into a tote for a little naughty and nice addition to your roundtown romp.

That addition comes in the form of 6.8 fluid ounce cans.  Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails makes grown & sexy imbibing on-the-go more deliciously plausible and appropriately convenient.  Half-Seas achieves these little gems with the help of natural ingredients like pure cane sugar and natural citrus and berry flavors with a touch of carbonation.  There are three flavors to choose from that will result in a cocktail that speaks to whatever spirit you need satisfaction from.  The Daiquiri is a sweet kiss of white rum and lime, the Bramble is a mellow dance of dry London gin and natural berry flavor and the Paloma tempts you with tequila and grapefruit soda.  They are perfect for a nice little buzz coupled with fresh flavor to make your day that much nicer (and naughtier).

Who says you can't take the bar with you?  Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails are available now at their website here.  

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