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That Hummus Aha Moment: The Hummus Shake From The Hummus & Pita Co.

One of the most telling changes that I've noticed about my supermarket habits since going vegan is a) my perusing the labels of ingredients with a fine tooth comb and b) the longer amount of time I spend in the fresh produce aisle.  I read, I scan, I discern and oftentimes I put things back and decide that I could possibly find a simpler and more economical way to create something of culinary wonderment. There's something about the simple, the clean, the recognizable that's quite reassuring without sacrificing the flavor, the notes or the purity.  To me, that's the great thing about food that's often overlooked or not respected due to overzealous recipes and unnecessary additives.  Sometimes you want to taste the natural flavor of the food.

For this reason alone is why I was truly captivated by my introduction to the Hummus Shake from The Hummus & Pita Co.  That's right, the velvety versatile chickpea and tahini marriage have a new embodiment in the form of a creamy dessert shake from a rising star of fast casual but good & hearty Mediterranean cuisine.  There are five simple base ingredients in the Hummus Shake that are distinct yet flavorfully harmonious.  The shake is 12 ounces of unprocessed perfectly blended chickpeas, tahini, medjool dates, bananas and almond milk.  Throw in some aromatic spices and what is created is a shake that is great-tasting with satisfying, guilt-free mental benefits and equally impressive health benefits.  

The all-natural Hummus Shake is vegan, protein and mineral-rich, boasts only about 340 calories, regulates blood sugar and has healthy fat & anti-inflammatory benefits.  The sweetness of the bananas and dates taste real and fresh and the creaminess of the tahini and almond milk add a smooth base that plays nicely off of the earthy hearty chickpea.  What's interesting is that when you have something this dessert-inspired you regard it with a dash of guilt.  However, the simple ingredients and the health factor of each individual ingredient create a two-fold feeling of comfort and ease in knowing that what you're ingesting is good-tasting with benefits that are also good for you.

The Hummus Shake is 12 ounces of goodness for only $5 and has five sweet flavors to choose from.  The deliciously decadent original, the rich chocolate made from real cacao, the sweet & fruity strawberry, the smooth butter pecan topped with chopped pecans and the nutty pistachio topped with fresh ground pistachio powder.  All the flavors are so amazingly satisfying and each flavor can speak to a dessert-seeking side of you.  Believe me, you will be pleasantly and comfortably surprised at the way the shake turns out and goes down.  I challenge anyone to not like any flavor of these shakes as they are truly an innovative next-level undertaking for hummus.  The Hummus Shake will be available starting this Sunday May 13 (Mother's and International Hummus Day) at The Hummus & Pita Co. locations.  When you can taste the flavors that life gives you, life, in itself, gets much more flavorful.
The Hummus & Pita Co. COO Matthew Sheppard giving a demo of the new Hummus Shake Machine

The Hummus & Pita Co. Locations NYC:
79 Chambers Street 
585 Ave Of The Americas
616 8th Avenue

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