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Without The 'Snackers', It Ain't Summer: Sabra® Snackers

So it's officially the unofficial start of Summer.  The barbecues, rooftop soirees, the announcement of Fleet Week and the end of May flowers are all signifiers that the Summer Solstice is just weeks away.  So now when you're probably simplifying for the season with swap outs of shearlings for shorts and   boots for Bermuda shorts, don't forget the ways to maximize the season's title.  Lazy!

However, don't be dismayed!  Lazy doesn't have to be grey like the Winter or boring & bland like a crudités.  Lazy can simply mean convenient.  What you pack into your day tote, gym or work bag can leave you with more time outside and less time in the kitchen.  One such nifty little gem of a product that I had the pleasure of discovering recently was Sabra® Snackers.  Sabra has taken their deliciously rich and flavorful hummus and conveniently packaged it into a two-cupped snack pack complete with hummus on one side a a crisp dipper on the other.  For your delight, you can choose from Classic Hummus with Pita Chips or Classic, Roasted Red Pepper or Roasted Garlic Hummus all with Rold Gold® Pretzel Crisps.  

What's really perfect about these Sabra Snackers is that they are a satisfyingly cozy little serving.  Each snacker pack is also sealed individually, so you may just want the pita chip or pretzels now and then save the hummus for spreading on your sandwich or to liven up some cut carrot & celery sticks later.  The interlocking construction of both snack containers combined with the foil coverings make Sabra Snackers a very handy snack moment for your day that you can just pop in your bag and go with.  

Sabra Snackers are available now at select retailers and to find one near you click here.  Of course, I couldn't let this review end without mentioning one of Sabra's latest Limited Edition hummus flavors.  Their Sweet & Smoky BBQ Hummus with Jackfruit and Smoked Paprika is so delicious.  Like seriously delicious!  You get a nice pop of sweet and salty together with a nice depth of smoky earthiness from the paprika, a familiar tang from the BBQ and a refreshing verdancy from an old tropical soul who's finding newfound fame, the jackfruit.  This is a great accompaniment for your Summer platters for all kinds of dippers from crackers to chips to veggies.

For more info on these Sabra products and where to find them head on over to and add some zesty flavor in the form of handy convenience to your lazy days of Summer.

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  1. Snackers are delicious, but need more pretzels.
    I love the hummus and there is an adequate amount, but not enough pretzel.



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