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The Barbecue's Cherry On Top: Moore's New Line of Hot Sauces

You've patiently waited and were temporarily fooled by Memorial Day hi jinx, but the official start of Summer is at the end of this week.  So in walks the trips to the beach, horseplay at the pool, rooftop soirees, sunbathing on the deck and of course the ubiquitous backyard barbecue.  With all the dietary concerns nowadays, the gluten-free this, vegan that, dairy-free here and vegetarian here, I always find one common food item that many a guest looking for culinary flavor is interested in (and in many cases quite particular about).  That item is hot sauce.  

That heat-induced, vinegary and leveled bit of saucy loveliness is understood as an essential, but often not for the faint of heart.  From the potent Carolina pepper to the lively jalapeño and from the Caribbean Scotch-bonnet to the Mexican habanero, there are stages to heat for those who want an oral inferno to those who want just a pop of warmth to those who desire an ample amount of heat coupled with a sweet blend of spices and flavor.  I am one of those latter folks and that is why I was happy to discover Moore's Marinades & Sauces new line of Hot Sauces.

I decided to christen the Summer cookout season with a sampling of my own bevy of vegan barbecue foods coupled with Moore's new line-up.  I started with Moore's Habanero Hot Sauce, their hottest of the foursome, on a 'Beyond Burger' with classic toppings.  The Habanero Sauce packs some heat but also packs a nice balance of vinegar to spices which made it a perfect mixer with a simple ketchup.  It also has a nice consistency that could also liven up sweeter more tamed sauces with punchy heat.  Next up, in the spirit of North African & Mediterranean cuisines, I decided to make a vegan shish kabob with a 'Field & Roast' sausage then topping it with Moore's Harissa Hot Sauce.  The smoky grilled flavors of the veggies and sausage went perfectly with the tangy pepper-melange blend and savory garlic-infused heat of the Harissa Sauce.  I could also see this working its way into homemade pizza sauce to give it a smooth garlicky kick.

Then came the hot dog.  Moore's Spicy Mustard Hot Sauce gives you the familiar earthy zestiness coupled with a pleasant undertone of sweetness from apple cider vinegar.  I placed this on top of a 'Field & Roast' hot dog and even with the spicy raw kraut underneath, the Spicy Mustard Sauce held its own and offered up a great mustard-heat to spicy-sweet combination for the grilled organic flavor of the hot dog and the crunchy tartness of the kraut.  Finally, I grilled up some cauliflower heart slices to be accompanied by Moore's Jalapeño Hot Sauce.  When I initially tasted the Jalapeño Sauce I was impressed by its fresh greenness and how it lent itself very harmoniously to the vinegar and spices.  I did a simple grilled dish of crisp grilled cauliflower on a bed of raw carrot medallions to give the right amount of texture, smokiness and earthen freshness that served as the perfect complimentary base to highlight the verdant sauce.
Moore's line of hot sauces are a great solve for your pre and post grilling conundrums this season and would be a great pantry stocker for flavorful everyday cooking with heat.  Moore's complete line of hot sauces are available now and for a list of the retailer near you click here.  You've been 'hot sauce briefed' just in time to add some welcomed delicious heat to your Summer culinary escapades.

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