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The Case Of How Gin Just Got Better: Brockmans Premium Gin

Some may say that, although available year-round, Summer is the season for rosé.  Well I (as well as other cocktail imbibers) say that any wine or spirit can be for any season depending on your mood and your available seasonal culinary offerings.  For example, the spices, warmth and soothing quality of a hot toddy could be enjoyed all year, but works best when the thermometer dips low.  The citrusy kick and effervescent pop of chilled wines and champagne spritzers can certainly be made in December, but seem more appropriate in July.  However, it's all relative.  Some folks order based on what connects to them after a hard work day, after an emotional break up or to cap off a memorable event.  Further, on this spinning orb we call earth, it's always both Summer and Winter somewhere right?  So I say use what you like and connect with in order to create the feeling, atmosphere and satisfaction that you want, be it straight up, on the rocks, with a bevy of fresh ingredients or just a touch of lime.
Gin has always been something that I look to enjoy mostly in the Summer.  I used to think it was due to the lively juniper berry essence, but then I realized that I first had a gin and tonic years ago in the Summertime.  Gin is grown, sexy and seasoned with a distinctive flavor profile that has profound character.  So when I recently came across Brockmans Premium Gin I wondered what this spirit would add to the arena of gins to make it special.  Well the answer lies in the eclectic essence of the ingredients.  Brockmans Gin tantalizes its taster with a special blend of unique botanicals from worldwide locales creating a melange of notes blessed by different soils and climates for an exciting spirit.  What you have in Brockmans Gin are Italian juniper berries, Spanish lemon and orange peels, Bulgarian coriander, Indo-Chinese cassia bark and Northern European blueberries & blackberries.  It's like a UN meeting of world-sourced flavors in a suave bottle.  Then rounding out the profile of tastes is Chinese licorice, Belgian & Saxon angelica, Spanish bitter almonds and Italian orris root.  The result is a very explosive gin with a satisfyingly smooth and appropriately complex flavor profile and this wonderfully soothing burst of aromatics.  Brockmans Premium Gin will satisfy gin drinkers whether they choose to enjoy it on-the-rocks or in a great cocktail. 

And speaking of cocktails, in true 'Jacket Optional' fashion, I had to use this groundbreaking gin to pay homage to the season in which I savored my first sip of it to create a signature cocktail that I'm calling "Pineapple Express To Summer".

Pineapple Express To Summer
4 ounces             Brockmans Premium Gin
2 ounces             Fresh Pineapple Juice (squeezed with a citrus juicer)
1 ounce              Triple Sec
1 ounce              Fresh Lemon
1 sprig                Fresh Rosemary
1 slice                 Fresh Pineapple

Grill both sides of the slice of pineapple and set aside.  To a rocks glass add ice, gin, pineapple juice, triple sec and fresh lemon.  Stir gently, then use the citrus juicer to squeeze half of the grilled pineapple into the glass.  Add the sprig of rosemary, then skewer a wedge of the remaining grilled pineapple and garnish the glass.  The similar notes of the fresh & accompanying ingredients in this cocktail play up the gin very nicely and allow it to still stand out.  The sweet tropical pops of the pineapple, lemon and triple sec blend harmoniously with the citrus notes in the gin to heighten the flavor.  Then the herbal note of the rosemary and the smokiness of the pineapple sidle up with the earthy rustic flavors in the drink.
Summer starts today so when thinking of a refreshing and distinct gin cocktail, remember Brockmans.  For a list of bars and retailers near you, click here and as always please remember to enjoy responsibly.

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