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High Seas, Higher Scent: Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Male: In The Navy'

Personal space is hard to come by at times in this sprawling, sometimes annoying, oftentimes unforgivable metropolis.  Whether you are wedged in between sweaty pits and halitosis in a subway car or trekking to an event in a part of town that properly functioning sewer system forgot, sometimes our only personal space is the inside of our jackets or the crooks of our arms.  Which is why when you live in New York City you have to be happy that there exists things like colognes to act as those necessary scented little reliefs the rest on our skin, cling to our hairs and chill on our collars.  Tantamount to music in our headphones and games on our phones, our escapes can surely be in the form what we dab on our wrists and pat behind our ears.

When I find a good scent, I rejoice.  Speaking as someone loves the versatility of clothing just as much as fragrances, I was thrilled to discover Jean Paul Gaultier's  'Le Male: In The Navy'.  The Parisian wunderkind improves upon his signature Le Male with this new exciting scent that has basenotes of peppermint, vanilla, ambergris and fougere for an outcome that's sweet without being overpowering.  I chose to test this fragrance out this past weekend on what was a very crisp iconic New York Fall day.  What I found was that the sweetness balanced so nicely with the verdant airy freshness of the mint and fougere.  There was also this underlying hint of musk and spiciness that rounded this out to be a great day-to-evening fragrance and a perfect one to start out that clean Fall morning.  

The spirit of the seas is appropriately present in Jean Paul Gaultier's 'Le Male: In The Navy' with the breezy and sweet air-kissed effect of this fragrance.  It still clings to the lightweight scarf I wore that morning perhaps as a perfect set-up to use it as another escape from the city's ill-scented moments.  Jean Paul Gaultier 'Le Male: In The Navy' is available now exclusively at select Macy's stores nationwide and at

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