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The Citrus Kiss For Any Season: MALFY Con Arancia and Rosa Gins

What joy a new season can bring!  You may not want to see the lush greens fade away but then you see the cacophony of colors that they can morph to.  You also may not want to cover your legs and pack away your swimsuits but oh how you've forgotten the tactile wonderment of cashmere against your skin.  Then while it may be out of season here for many of your culinary delectables, they are just in season somewhere else for other vibrant produce.  All it takes is sourcing and shipping.  When one good option ends, have hope for another one begins.

So how fitting that blood oranges and pink grapefruits are in season in the Fall in the states.  Then how very fitting that just as my yen for rosés in the Summer was subsiding, in walks my discovery of two new fabulous gins from MALFY Gin, an amazing premium gin distilled in Italy.  To sweeten the pot in a full circle way, they are flavored with blood orange and Sicilian pink grapefruit.  MALFY Con Arancia is a very delicious gin flavored with rich blood oranges for a flavor profile that has a slightly sweet tartness that harmonizes nicely with the juniper and herbal notes of gin.  MALFY Rosa is like a naughty grapefruit juice since the Sicilian pink grapefruit gives a citrusy freshness to the gin flavor profile with a delightful freshness.  Both gins are so explosively vibrant due to intensity of the fruits that also create a pleasant intense fragrance that is comforting as it is familiar in its impact.  

MALFY Con Arancia and MALFY Rosa are both definite game changers in the world of gin.  They have enough depth to enjoy over ice, enough lightness to make an amazing brunch cocktail and enough heft to create a superb after 5 drink.  However, you know me.  I can't just tell you; I have to show you.  So check out the following two remixes on classic gin cocktails using these two stellar gins that I've created below:

Pink G&T

2 ounces          MALFY Rosa
4 ounces          Tonic Water
1 tbsp               Fresh Lime Juice
2 qtr halves     Fresh juice from a Sicilian pink grapefruit (cut the grapefruit in half and use juice     
                         from half of the half)
1/2-1 tbsp        Simple Syrup (depending on how sweet you want it)
1                       Large sprig of rosemary
1                       Lime Wheel

Put the simple syrup and rosemary in a highball glass and muddle the two for a bit to release the sometimes stubborn essence of the rosemary.  Next fill the glass with ice then add gin, blood orange juice, lime juice and tonic water.  Stir then garnish with a lime wheel.  

This was such a delicious cocktail.  If you love grapefruit then this is a grown and pleasant drink and the fresh grapefruit together with the gin really allows the flavor to come out.  The MALFY Rosa is  lively and blends lovely with the tonic for a nice level of tart in a great way with the rosemary adding a nice hint of verdant earthiness.

Blood Orange Mule 

2 ounces          MALFY Con Arancia
1/2                    Fresh juice from 1/2 lime
1/2                    Fresh juice from 1/2 of a blood orange
1/2 cup             Ginger Beer
1                       Lime Wheel
1                       Mint Sprig

Add the gin, lime juice and blood orange juice to a classic mule mug then lightly stir.  Next, add the ice and ginger beer and garnish with a lime wheel and mint sprig.

The tart and slight sweetness of the gin balances so perfectly with the peppery sweet ginger beer.  The lime adds another fresh layer of tart to the gin's citrus loveliness.  The MALFY Con Arancia is such a nice gin and truly marries the essence of a fresh blood orange to the mature allure of gin.  

So that's two exciting new gins to start u what will hopefully be an exciting new season.  Even if it doesn't turn out to be exciting, with MALFY Gin now you have a reason to celebrate or drown your sorrows deliciously.  MALFY Rosa and MALFY Con Arancia are reaching your finer wine and spirit retailers now and as always, please remember to enjoy responsibly.

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