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Comfort Snacks For Cuffing Season: Boulder Canyon Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Summertime is gone, Fall is upon us and Winter is is gearing up to rear it's wind-chilled head.  You may have thought that now is the time to forget about the warm weather bodies and fatten up for the moody, cold, comfort food season.  All I can say is that as quickly we forget about the warm weather is as quickly as it will be back upon us.  However, life must have balance.  You want to enjoy the joy of delicious comfort food in those warm months while also thinking about not necessarily looking like you did.  So how happy when I find a brand that supports my need for balance by offering up comfort food that takes some of the guilt away.  

That brand is Boulder Canyon, a brand that makes enjoying the beloved potato chip less guilty.  The brand achieves this by kettle-cooking up the chips in a variety of oils like rice bran, coconut and avocado oils.  The result are chips that have no trans fat, no cholesterol, are gluten-free and kosher.  The crispiness of the kettle-ccoking together with the smoothness of the rice bran oil, milky tart of the coconut oil and buttery lightness of the avocado oil create a nice range of chips that pair well with the interesting flavors.  Offerings like Roasted Jalapeño, Sweet Chipotle and, just in time for Thanksgiving, Turkey Gravy make Boulder Canyon a great snacking option for the season to keep healthier on the brain, flavorful on the lips and less girth around the hips.

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