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Healing From Our Roots: The Ginger People® Turmeric Line

Liquid, capsule, gel-tab, low-dose?  Twelve hour, twenty four hour, timed-release, rapid-release?  Can't keep up or figure it out?  Well neither can I and quite frankly, I don't often feel like I even want to.  So what's a guy who looks at the flu-shot with skepticism, side-eyes the coughing suit at the other end of the train car and buys hand sanitizer in bulk during the Winter months to do?  He tries to eat his medicine that's what he does.  The goodness, or badness, we put into our bodies before maladies rear their ugly germ-filled heads can make all the difference between enjoying snowflakes tickling your nose and feeling that tell-tale early tickle at the back of your throat.

So here's some goodness from the folks at The Ginger People.  Their love of this rooted superfood runs deep from ginger shots to soother drinks and even ginger-syrups.  The've made enjoying ginger accessible, convenient and comforting.  So how thrilled was I to hear that they've gone and infused ginger's distant rooted cousin, turmeric, into some of their newest products.  This superfood meets superfood hook up is such a delight.  Why?  Maybe a little background story first.  I have been vegan for a little over a year and a half now so I replaced my eggs and bacon with avocado toast and fruit smoothies.  In those smoothies every morning I always include cut and scored fresh pieces of ginger and turmeric root.  Their presence in my morning beverages are not only deliciously earthy but also super body-beneficial.  

What The Ginger People have gone and done is make great products with ginger and now turmeric for those like me who adore those roots and also those who need that enjoyment more on-the-go.  Their new line of ginger products with turmeric consist of items like a potent Rescue® Ginger Shot, a great shot size drink also with coconut water, lemon & apple juice, a Soother Drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold, chewy Arjuna Ginger Bites that are made with ginger from Mount Arjuna in East Java and a comforting Turmeric Latte Mix that has a warm spicy bite to its sweet essence.  So very essential is ginger for digestion, migraines & nausea and turmeric for brain health, anti-inflammatory healing & anti-oxidant health.  This new turmeric line from The Ginger People contains black pepper like all turmeric products should as it enhances the effect of the root and natural sugar to counter the earthiness and peppery qualities.  Yet another great reason to Ginger Everyday.  

Please check out a remix I did below with their Turmeric Latte Mix for the season and find out more about The Ginger People Turmeric line and their other great products at

Ginger Turmeric Somali Latte

1 packet            The Ginger People Turmeric Latte Mix 
8-10 ounces      Almond Milk
4                        Whole Cloves
5                        Cardamom Pods 
1 pinch              Fresh-grated Cinnamon 
1 small pinch    Fresh-grated Nutmeg

Heat up the almond milk in a sauce pan along with the cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Bring to a near boil and don't worry about curdling since this is almond milk.  Pour the seasoned milk through a strainer into a cup containing the Turmeric Latte Mix.  Stir and enjoy.  

The flavor in this latte is so soothing and balanced.  The peppery and earthy ginger and turmeric definitely come through which is why the aromatic and sweet notes of the fresh ingredients are a great balance along with the natural sugar in the latte mix.

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