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That Wine Life? How Sweet It Is: Sweet Wine Club

So it's that time of year when chestnuts start roasting on the open fire and Aunt Peg starts nipping at the sherry.  I mean everybody knows, a turkey and an unlimited flow of red wine help to make the season bright.  Thanksgiving serves as the beginning of that time of year when foods, moods, kinfolk and hysteria all converge together to aptly be called "The Holidays".

You may well know now that I'll well up at various dinner tables this holiday season, not out of the sheer melancholy of the season, but rather at the sound of the last empty bottle of shiraz clanging into the recycle bin.  A great wine enlists the emotions to come forth and with this holiday weather, a whiskey neat is not the only drink that can warm you up and make you feel appropriately festive.  With so many parties to attend and so many personalities to make small talk with, the most plausible way to crack the ice with someone seems to be with the quintessential query of "red or white?".  This is usually when you hear a story of wine 'ups & downs', 'best wine ever' recants and cautionary tales of imbibing.  There are wine aficionados of all kinds with cultivated palettes and quite comfortable preferences and there's something to be learned from all of them.  

Enter Sweet Wine Club, the first sweet wine subscription-only service from the esteemed Riboli Family Wines of San Antonio Winery.  What's to be learned from this unique service is the sweeter side of reds and whites from a winery that knows a lot about the complexity of the young, seasoned and passionate grape.  Sweet Wine Club also aims to teach you about the notes of your wine and the level of sweetness with their 'sweet meter' all on convenient cards complete with an ideal recipe and food pairing.  With membership, a trio of wines are sent out four times a year with free shipping and complete with the handy recipe/info card and free gift for only $49.99 per shipment.  Premium sweet wines from a venerable winery throughout the year never seemed so deliciously worth it.  The quarterly wine shipments are grouped to give the member flavor profile differentiations within each box.  There are also gift-giving options and wine information available on their website here.  

Sweet Wine Club is here for your holiday gift-giving conundrums and speaks tastier more sophisticated volumes than a fruit cake or a gift card.  Or perhaps you want to just get a membership for yourself and see the levels of sweet that will arrive at your door.  The holidays just got that much sweeter.

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