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The Heated Side Of Creamy: Dave's Gourmet Creamy Hot Sauces

If you haven't seasoned your food then you haven't even begun to cook.  Also, if you forgot to season your food then you've missed a pivotal step in cooking.  Then, if you just don't season your food at all then you might just not know how to cook.  Knowing what to use when, how and why is essential to a well-prepared dish versus a bland dish that needs a bevy of post-cooking condiments.  Kismet is when a dish is seasoned to perfection and any addition of a condiment only serves to compliment and enhance the wonderfully prepared meal.

Being the hot sauce fanatic I am, it serves as my go-to choice for topping of a dish.  The vinegary tangy heat speaks to my island-bred palette and creates a nice balance of savory pep for all kinds of  foods that need a little oomph without completely altering the flavor profile.  This is one of the reasons I have always enjoyed the hot sauces from Dave's Gourmet since they expertly experiment with peppers that have different levels of heat.  The sauces give you the right amount of vinegar and spices to get the appropriate pepper experience and the range in their collection offers the freedom for the individual to choose their palatable level of heat.

So when I see new offerings from this brand, I'm intrigued.  Dave's Gourmet has a new trio of products that pay homage to the heat they are known for while infusing specialty ingredients to create a flavorful line of sauces.  New to Dave's family are the vegan (yes, vegan) hot sauces in Creamy Ginger Citrus, Creamy Garlic Red Pepper and Creamy Roasted Jalapeño.  What's interesting to note is how the line has an amazing creaminess without any dairy and is made with an amazing blend of non-GMO ingredients.  This line is perfect for a bevy of meals to finish or boost flavor and add a layer of smooth texture to liven up the landscape on your plate.  Check out how I pair them with my meals below.

The robust savoriness of the roasted brussels sprouts with thyme, rosemary and garlic matched so perfectly with the sweet fragrant peppery pop of the Creamy Ginger Citrus.  Next, the earthy, fresh and crunchy balance in the five bean soft tacos with fresh red onion, scallion, tomato, kale and pickled jalapeño was the perfect base for the smooth verdant heat of the Creamy Roasted Jalapeño.  Finally, the garlic kick with the full-bodied red pepper flavor of the Creamy Garlic Red Pepper had just the perfect weight and boldness to hold its own on top of a great veggie burger and to dip fries in.  

All in all I would have to say that Dave's Gourmet has another winning line of hot sauces on tap with this robust trio.  It satisfies the vegan in me and any flavor (or all three) will satisfy any flavor-seeker be they vegan or not.  Dave's Gourmet Creamy Hot Sauces are available now and for more information, plus a store locator, head on over to their site here.

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