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Gingerly Counting The Days: Bottoms Up Ginger Beer

The holidays are over so if you're anything like me you're resting and recuperating before the next wave of corporate-sanctioned holiday temptations roll in.  How do you make it to another President's Day or how do you get through a solitary Valentine's Day without going overboard since soon St. Patty's Day will come knocking.  Cocktails are a way.  Not to suggest that a cocktail is the coping mechanism or the cure-all, but they sure suggest a better way to temporarily relax until the next rush of commercialism.  

But then why must I be so dark.  For holidays were in fact created to celebrate and commemorate our special days as a nation.  However, while we do honor the natures of those days, seeing what trumps the significance from them could turn anyone to mix, stir and pour over ice.  Enter Bottoms Up Unfiltered Ginger Beer from The Ginger People.  You know The Ginger People, those connoisseurs of all things ginger from candies to liquid shots to latte mixes to sauces?  Well their Bottoms Up ginger beer is a nice walk into that world with its sweet effervescence and familiar peppery delight that's both smooth and pleasant and completely doable as a refresher on its own or as a compliment to a grown and sexy cocktail.     

Actually, why am I talking?  Some people are lovers, not fighters and I'd rather lead to the water and not just tell you about it.  So check out the original recipe below featuring the tasty Bottoms Up Ginger Beer:

The Bomb 'Not-So' Tonic

5 ounces          Bottoms Up Ginger Beer
2 1/2 ounces    Brockmans Gin
1 tsp                 Fresh Lime Juice
3 splashes        Agnostura Bitters
1 wheel            Lime
1 wheel            Lemon
1 sprig             Mint

Fill a rocks glass with ice.  Pour in gin, lime juice then the ginger beer.  Stir then add the splashes of bitters and stir again.  Next garnish glass with lime, lemon and mint sprig.

This is a really refreshing drink that takes the mature vibe of a gin & tonic and mellows it out with sweetness and the underlying soothing heat of the ginger beer.  The strong floral notes of the Brockmans Gin shine so lovely in this drink and you get the full flavor of the fragrant ginger beer and gin which are nicely evened out by the subtle tart and bitter additions.  

I don't know how you mentally prepare for the onslaught of yearly holidays, but why not sip a cocktail while you explore your game plan.  Bottoms Up Ginger Beer is available now at and at most Wholefoods locations.

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