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It's Not Over Until The Mezcal Is Poured: Fidencio Rosa Mexicano Private Label Mezcal

What do you do with the end of your day?  Hopefully it's not what you do with the beginning of your day.  The hope could be that the views of a crowded lunch counter are swapped out for sites of dinner with a view of the skyline.  Perhaps, the elbow to elbow fight for space on the subway can be traded out for a cigar & leather club chair with room for only your elbows.  Catching glimpses of the exhausted face staring back at you under the fluorescent lights of your company's washroom can hopefully give way to staring at an exciting new cocktail menu at your favorite restaurant under candlelight.  

So with exciting and new on the brain, let me tell you about a new undertaking from a Mexican cuisine staple that has satisfied and sustained the culinary cravings of many a New Yorker.  Rosa Mexicano, a New York City and now national staple since 1984 and the original establishment to make fresh guacamole table side, has a special new endeavor in the wine & spirit world that will make your dining moment a complete full-circle culinary experience.  This year marks Rosa Mexicano's 35th Anniversary.  So with celebration on the brain, enter the first-ever private label mezcal from Rosa Mexicano in partnership with the esteemed Fidencio mezcal in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. 

Appropriately named Fidencio Rosa Mexicano, this exciting mezcal is hand-crafted for over two years in bourbon barrels.  However, they're not just any bourbon barrels.  These barrels are from the Greenbrier Distillery in Nashville, TN, a single-barrel bourbon distillery that has been crafting quality bourbons since shortly after the Civil War.  The result is a 100% estate grown mezcal that merges classic technique along with the vast fluidity of agave varieties together with the seasoned ingrained loveliness that is rooted within delightful and valuable oak bourbon barrels.  What you taste from that result is simply pleasing.  The herbal smokiness of the first sip, letting the deep tingly sensation seduce your tongue and gums and taking the warm and smooth tenured gulp all leaves you with a pleasing and satisfying finish that is all part of the journey with this unique mezcal experience.  

On a blustery evening earlier this month I had the pleasure of truly discovering this delicious mezcal under the guidance of Courtenay Greenleaf, Rosa Mexicano's versed resident Master Mezcalier who showed me how to properly prepare your mouth, from tip of tongue to spreading over the gums, to enjoy the full essence of Fidencio Rosa Mexicano.  After the tasting, I picked Ms. Greenleaf's brain to see how she would pair this stellar mezcal with food to make the complete dining experience.  She recommended salty and rich carnitas and even pungent cheeses to compliment the clean but complex profile of this mezcal for something savory and dark chocolate with even hints of salt and/or nuts for something sweet.  Fidencio RM is a great satisfying sipper for any course of your meal or to use as a substitute in your favorite cocktails like a mule or and an old-fashioned.  

However, just don't take my word for it.  Fidencio Rosa Mexicano Private Label Mezcal will be available in-house on February 1st at all locations nationwide.  Plan accordingly and drink responsibly as this wonderful partnership is a limited release with only 36 cases available and split evenly throughout 10 of their 11 locations nationwide.  For more information on Fidencio Rosa Mexicano, to explore a culinary experience at Rosa Mexicano and for locations, head on over to their website here and plan a perfectly delicious end to your day.

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