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Life Can Be A Cup Of Oats: Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats

Leave earlier!  How many times have you heard that from a teacher in high school when you walk in late with the excuse that the train was moving with delays only to hear the sharp retort, "Leave earlier"?  Admittedly some days I was too busy making a mixtape to leave on time and other days the train was literally dragging its caboose through the tunnel as though it had no intention of sticking to any schedule.  When on a life-cycle of the mad-dash sometimes you hardly have time to eat.  Then if you wake up, reflect, stretch, exercise, make a shake then shower before leaving in the morning like I do, then a delay is just not on your schedule.  

With such little time that it seems at times like time is not your own, I guess every second counts.  This is why when I come across products that speak to my inner efficiency-expert, I rejoice.  Such is the case with Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats, an on-the-go cup filled with oats flakes, quinoa, flax and chia with a separate cup of granola topping.  All you add is hot water and all it gives you is a healthy dose of fiber, heart health goodness non-GMO ingredients and depending on the favor, antioxidant rejuvenation from the Blueberry Lemon and anti-inflammatory comfort from the Coconut Turmeric.  It's very handy to prepare and then have on your commute or enjoy at your desk or even just relaxing at home.  Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats have a natural sweetness and a fresh zesty fruit kick with their Blueberry Lemon and a comforting toasty earthiness from the Coconut Turmeric.  At least now I can take comfort in my satisfying breakfast while running late.  For more information on Purely Elizabeth Vibrant Oats and their other products check out their website here.

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