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Rethink Your Avocado!: Kumana Avocado Sauces

Call me lazy if you will, but sometimes I don't even feel like opening a packet of ketchup for my fries.  Some days when the schedule is more manic than blasé I skip food places where I have to tip someone in lieu of the quick and fresh that I can eat while walking to the subway.  Then there are days that the oven heat-up takes too long and the microwave becomes my bestie just as there are days I wish Seamless delivered to bedside and not just curbside.  What can I say, the life of a busy New York cosmopolitan can get so frenetic to where you just need to cat-nap & go and eat & go.  So when life comes along and presents a way to make it easier, not only do my ears perk, but I may even just get a couple more minutes to relish in my day.  

So often I find myself frustrated with my hectic schedules that leave me not buying avocados since they'll probably go bad before I have the chance to quietly sit and savor them on some oat nut toast with Roma tomatoes, truffle salt and chili flakes.  Then just when I think that my palette has to be content with my crazed lot in life enters Kumana Avocado Sauces, a line of rich sauces made with real avocado and spices.  Born in Venezuela and raised in Los Angeles, Kumana Avocado Sauces are a skillful blend of creamy avocados, onion, bell peppers, vinegar and spices that take the beloved avocado to new heights by positioning it as a qualified contender as a condiment worthy of shelf, table and pantry space.  Kumana is blended perfectly and really allows the avocado to shine with the natural flavors of the peppers, spices and vinegar to create a very special alternative to an actual cut avocado that is flavorful and exciting.

I found myself putting this on everything.  Quick and easy avocado toast became so plausible, a verdant dipping sauce for my tostones emerged as nirvana and a zesty topper to my vegan deli sandwiches brought excitement back to my quick on-the-go menu.  This should seriously be stocked on tables alongside ketchup and mustard as they are so flavorful, tasty and neutral enough to become a viable option on pretty much any kind of savory food.  There are three varieties, Kumana Original, fresh and lively, Kumana Be Mango, sweet and salty satisfaction and Kumana Be Hot, peppery sharp loveliness.  How many foods can you find to awaken with this wonderful new way to enjoy the taste of avocado especially when you can't get to the grocer to snag some?  For more information head on over to Kumana's website here and broaden your perspective on the amazing avocado.

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