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Three, The Easy Way: Provence Rosé Group Chateau De Berne and Ultimate Rosé Wines

Have you ever thought about some of the labels that spirits receive?  Tequila gets the blood boiling and can make you want to fight.  Brown liquor gets your drunk quicker.  Vodka makes the world and your head spin around.  Well I say, if it's believed that those spirits can do all those things then I say that wines can put you in a mood too.  Outside of all the hang-ups and notes about tannins and acidity, a great wine can put me in a good mood.  That mood, particularly at the end of a hectic workday, is one of relaxation and a savory unwinding where problems slowly exit as the wine enters.  

So how fittingly appropriate that at an event last week I discovered a trio of truly stellar rosés.  Fitting since I love rosés and appropriate since the event came on the heels of a long and sensorily busy workday.  Rosé serves as the light pink bit of grown and sexy grape that conspires to uplift your spirits and lighten your mood.  So when I first tasted a rosé entitled Romance, it was almost a reminder that spring was right around the corner where love and newness bloom.  It was one of three rosé wines highlighted from the esteemed Provence Rosé Group.  Romance comes from the Chateau De Berne, Provence and has a fruity & fresh taste, peachy & floral aromatics and pale pink color with a bright and pleasant taste to seemingly evokes its namesake.  

Then came a rosé with a stellar smoothness and a texturally silken quality that just flows clean enough to leave the mind free to be inspired.  Inspiration, also from Chateau De Berne is a wonderful rosé that has aromatics from the garden with berries, flowers and herbs that are lovinglay balanced with a satisfyingly light sweetness and herbal freshness.  Finally there was Ultimate Provence, a truly special rosé that reminds you how even while being light and airy, a wine can be bold and complex.  This brightly colored rosé has notes that were kissed by the salty sea air and  when paired with berry and spiced notes creates a nicely blended beautiful full-bodied wine. 

These three rosé wines together have something for all rosé and wine connoisseurs.  Each have the essential beauty of the Provencal grapes together with tenured methods from a renowned winemaking region.  Then there's also the fact that the varieties of the trio offer relief for whatever kind of day you've had.  At least some not so great days can have a rosy ending.

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