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How Cheese Got It's Groove Back: Nuttin Ordinary

I'm always asked if there's anything that I miss being vegan now.  At first, I missed a good piece of fish and my eggs scrambled hard with cheese in the morning but then I discovered the breakfast and brunch options that varied from the norm (not to mention the wonderment of avocados) and after that, the non-vegans cravings subsided.  I used to levitate towards the smell of bacon, but now I salivate over the the smell of garlic-roasted veggies.  Admittedly, eating vegan is made out to be a huge laborious undertaking especially when you read product labels and realize they put something from an animal in everything, but all in all there are many delicious substitutes that make you not miss the meat or dairy at all.  However, as with anything there are bad eggs in the bunch (no pun intended) and not all vegan food is healthy food, but after awhile and through moderation you get a better sense of the kind of vegan that meshes with your will.

Well I discovered Nuttin Ordinary recently and I must say that they are certainly not one of the bad eggs in the bunch.  Here I was thinking that my staple breakfast while in high school, a bagel with cream cheese, was to never be enjoyed by me again and then in comes this great product line.  Nuttin Ordinary is a line of 100% plant-based cashew cheeses that are just simply amazing.  Of all the nuts used to make vegan products I must say that I've found cashews to produce the creamiest end results. This is one of the reasons why Nuttin Ordinary is so delicious.  The creamy texture of these spreadable cheeses are so great for lathering onto a bagel, crudités-dipping and sandwich-topping.  The other reason that makes Nuttin Ordinary so flavorful is that it keeps the ingredients simple and to a minimum while having no gluten or preservatives.

That's something that sets it apart in the fast-growing vegan product world.  It's taken the simplicity of the ingredients and created something that is familiar to non-vegans and vegan alike without bizarre additives.  The results are the smooth and buttery consistency of their stellar Original flavor, the herbal loveliness of their Italian Herb flavor and the zesty fire kick of their Spicy flavor.  My post-vegan bagel has found a wonderful friend to fill the void.  

Nuttin Ordinary is now available at Fairway, Wholefoods, Wegman's and MOM's and for a list of other locations please check out the company site here

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