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Motivation Akin To Hydration: Ultima Replenisher

So with the official start of Summer only a little bit more than a month away and the unofficial start of Summer being almost a week ago, let me pose some questions to you.  How have you been working to A) maintain that beach body or B) turn that holiday dad body into that DILF body?  Well without knowing what your means to your chiseled, toned, bulked-up or tightened ends will be, I hope that your motivation has been strong and unyielding.  That's a big part of it though right?  Your motivation!  Lack of it can keep you in bed when you should be up and at the gym.  Lack of it can make you fall into the comparison trap and make you not think it's happening fast enough like it is for others.  Then lack of it can make you yo-yo like a mo-fo and not see contented results.  However, there's another aspect to consider.  

Ever on the expressway and run out of gas or ever printing out a 20 page document and run out of paper or ink on the 8th page?  Well sometimes we run out of steam which can literally render our motivation dismal.  There's something to be said about equipping oneself to start off on the most beneficial foot as possible.  That means, if your motivation is high then don't let over-exhaustion creep in and kill it.  This is exactly why it's important to stay well-hydrated during your fitness regimen.  However, since we can often sweat more water than we can drink during a workout it's important to stay clean hydrated without ingesting substances that could cause post-workout crashing.  This is exactly why an awesome product like Ultima Replenisher is a fitness must.  

Admittedly I am not a huge sports drink fan and reason being is the salt taste.  Ultima Replenisher is an electrolyte-rich powder that combats the excessive salt by being a healthy alternative to many fitness-centered drinks and methods that are loaded with sugar, salt, caffeine, preservatives and artificial ingredients.  Naturally sweetened with stevia leaf, Ultima Replenisher has nothing artificial and has very low sodium since the average person's diet consists of at least 2000mg of sodium.  The formula that makes this product so great is the presence of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and low doses of sodium and chloride including support minerals that create such an electrolyte-rich product that you're able to get clean healthy hydration essential for proper muscle performance and fitness-brain function.   

The end result is a powder that dissolves easily in water, tastes natural and not medicinal/synthetic and is packaged ready for a home workout in an assortment of conveniently-sized tubs or a gym workout in on-the-go travel packets that can slip conveniently into the tiny pocket of your running shorts or your gym bag.  Five vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, paleo/keto friendly flavors in lemon, cherry pomegranate, orange, grape/raisin and raspberry are available now to suit your palate.  For more information on the amazing Ultima Replenisher check out their website here. With such a great and useful product that offers zero carbs, zero, calories and zero sugar, as long as you keep up that motivation, you now have zero excuses.

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