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That Jerky Fix: Akua Kelp Jerky

How do you chase that itching, very evident, antsy 3pm 'still in the office' on a Summer Friday feeling away?  It's usually by snacking.  That late afternoon chocolate fix, the post-lunch coffee upper or even an 'almost quitting-time' beautifully-conflicted and wonderfully-balanced sweet & salty marriage can all conspire to make the afternoon fly by like a breeze.  Yet instead of reaching for the sugary, over-salted and the über-caffeinated fix, some of you may want to have your impromptu snacking be health-conscious and well-executed.  Well to those who may want a little bit of it all, like something salty and possibly even sweet to go with that afternoon espresso, here comes a welcomed option with Akua Kelp Jerky.

Don't be dismayed into thinking that jerky can only be derived from something that once went moo, oink or gobble-gobble.  Jerky essentially means dry and salted which is exactly what Akua has done with the ocean's garden.  Their line of kelp jerkies are made from ocean seagreens and shittake mushrooms are 100% sustainable and vegan.  They are a perfect salting snack that also, depending on the flavor, like Rosemary & Maple BBQ, can also be a sweet snack too.  The flavor is definitely briny with a vivid note of full bodied leafy greens and earthy mushrooms.  I find the bold flavor can be enjoyed on its own, but also creates a wonderful story when paired with vegan cheeses, grainy crackers, crudités or sliced & sprinkled on top of salads.  

Spicy, salty, sweet, earthy and herbal are all accounted for with the awesome flavor pairings of Akua's Kelp Jerkies, like Spicy Thai & Spirulina, Sesame & Nori Sea Salt in addition to the Rosemary & Maple BBQ.  What also sweetens the pot is that these oceanic snacks also have 10g of protein and fiber per pack.  So now you can snack and kill two birds with one stone and still feel good about your impulses afterwards.  Akua Kelp Jerkies are available now on the company's website here.

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