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That Sparkle In Your Eye: Soda Stream Fizzi One Touch

We're almost a month into Summer so hopefully you're not still having hot toddies.  Think cool, crisp, effervescent and verdant.  Think light, refreshing, lively and easy.  There's a collective understanding that your food and drink should be the opposite of the temperature outside, which is precisely why a nice bowl of chili works before when its 20 degrees out and a big fresh salad works better when its 80 degrees out.  Or perhaps it doesn't matter to you and you're just going to eat and drink whatever the hell you want to.  Well for those who may want to spice up seasonal culinary intakes may I suggest a handy apparatus to add exuberance to your Summer cocktails.  

We all order cocktails with soda.  Whiskey & soda, Vodka soda, tequila & soda.  The thing is that we don't order them all the time and some days we're in the mood for it and somedays not so much.  This is precisely why I love the Soda Stream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water-maker.  It's fresh sparkling water when you want at the simple touch of a button.  The Fizzi One Touch eliminates wondering if your water has gone flat since you make it when you need it and its effervescent and fresh all in under thirty seconds.  Your cocktails will be livelier but also your regular water needs can be as well.  How perfectly refreshing to enjoy a nice bubbly glass of sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime or any other fruit slices in the Summer.  Then how delightfully naughty to add a splash of bourbon or vodka to the glass and give some umph to your sparkle.   So useful to have at home and to make great Summer stunner cocktails like the one below.

The Pom-Cherry Chiller

3 ounces             Deep Eddy Lemon Flavored Vodka
3-4 ounces          Fresh Sparkling Water
5                          Fresh Cherries
12-16                   Fresh Pomegranate Seeds
1                          Lemon wheel (for garnish)

Place four cherries, the pomegranate seeds and the vodka into a cocktail shaker and muddle for 20-30 seconds.  Strain that mixture into a rocks glass and then add the sparkling water on top.  Lightly stir then garnish with the last cherry and a lemon wheel.  Refreshingly sweet, tart and sparkling.

The Soda Stream Fizzi One Touch is available now at and at other retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Target and Williams-Sonoma. 

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